A place to rent

Create Better Access to Healthcare in South Africa - March 2009

One of the things our project colleagues in South Africa have been busy with the last couple of weeks is getting a place to rent for our Centre. It should be close to a major hospital or maybe close to a big shopping mall, to be able to get in contact with a lot of people. Another thing is that it should preferably also be close to public transport and not to forget: not too expensive. However, so far no result. Now the idea is born to come up with a sort of ‘Diabetes on tour’ concept. No fix rent costs and Lu should travel around various locations in hospitals or community buildings to meet people that want to be tested and get advice. It sounds like a good solution. It will have impact on our business case and make it easier from a financial point of view.
Still, the progress on the project is not as planned and hoped. This is also because of some bad fortune our South African colleagues had during the last couple of months. Shireen got a serious car accident and was in hospital for more than one week and had to stay in bed for another two weeks. Lately Lu was also in hospital for a week and she is still morning about the sudden death of her father in the beginning of February.
Another remarkable occurrence is that we completely lost contact with Tjipo. No one has been able to contact her for the last two months. As a Project Board member she really could help us now with her marketing expertise and great network and connection with media to promote the idea of our Centre.

Nicole Bosters and Gert van Westing