Closing the project meeting

Create Better Access to Healthcare in South Africa, update May 2009.

Today (Friday 29th May) we had our official ‘Closing the Project Meeting’ with our Project Board. Now the project results have been handed over to Lu (as the Project Executive). There are still a couple of things that need to be done over the next days and weeks, but we feel confident that everything is in place to get the “Masana Diabetes Care Support Centre” running. We have completed the project. Of course we will stay available to help where we can during the actual start-up phase after our graduation in June.It comes as no surprise maybe if you are doing a project like this so far away in South Africa, but up until the end of the project it has from time to time been a hustle to touch base with our partners in South Africa. As everything has been handled by phone and by mail, we fully depend on these we would call basic functionalities. We were communicating with Lu through a certain email address. A strange email address name we thought. Response from her was sometimes only after a week or two and also a bit strange formulated as well. After a while it stopped completely. Only then we found out that we had been using the email address of Lu’s brother in law. He had been answering our emails, dictated by Lu. In the meantime her brother in law got a new job, with an email address, so we picked up the same pace again. Unfortunately not very fast and efficient.In two weeks from now we will have our graduation ceremony and we will have to present our project. We very much look forward to that and shortly before we will publish our very last weblog for the website of Ambition Academy.

Nicole Bosters and Gert van Westing