Create better Acces to Healthcare in South Africa

The basic idea of Gert van Westing and Nicole Bosters is to contribute to the access of medical devices in South Africa for people/patients who are in a less favourable situation by helping to set up a Medical Devices Supply Centre (MDSC).
Although we are making progress, it is still not progressing enough in our opinion. To come to know about the people we are doing business with, we kindly asked them to introduce themselves a bit more to us. Before they do that, they need to know more about the priority of their government on diabetes. Also they want to have more information from our side on the products: the prices need to be on a level that the patients can pay for it. When this is all arranged for, they will elect
a person from their group to be our Executive. They still emphasise that is a good project to participate in. On the other hand it gives us time to do research on the health system, the products and the actual need of a MDSC for diabetes in South Africa. And, of course, to write a detailed business plan.
From the side of suppliers, we make more progress. The largest mail order company of The Netherlands is giving us a presentation on Devices for Diabetes and are very much interested in our project. We are excited that they will help us on our project. As we wrote down in our former report we have a good connection to people in the industry in South Africa. The person of one organisation is very helpful and provides us with valuable information. Maybe we have to go to South Africa already in January 2009.