Set up a Medical Devices Supply Centre

In our Project, to set up a Medical Devices Supply Centre (MDSC) in South Africa, we have made another step. We decided to specialise to one decease only: Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes).
At this very moment we are negotiating with a group of people close to Johannesburg. They recognise that Diabetes is a huge problem in their environment. By starting a self supporting MDSC, and calling the attention to the disease in various programmes and instruction or training how to handle the medical devices, we want to improve the quality of life of patients with Diabetes.
We will concentrate on basic materials, relatively low priced, connected with nursing service and advice & education. Out of scope are the additional checks for Diabetes. For instance the eye doctor and the pod therapist care will not be in the project. The MDSC will only give the basic care for Diabetes. Also the medication, like in insulin is not part of the centre.
The next step to be taken is to get a β€œyes” from the people in Johannesburg. Also we need to know how the products work and what is on the market. Through an association in medical devices in South Africa, we are now in contact with a few suppliers, who offer us their help. These offers need further investigation. When we have this information in line, we want to plan our sales and marketing strategy.

Gert van Westing en Nicole Bosters