Time goes fast

Create Better Access to Healthcare in South Africa, update April 2009

Time goes by fast. In more or less one month time, we, as a project team, will have to present and document our project achievements for the ‘jury’ of Ambition Academy. It is a crucial requirement that the Project has been finished, which it is not, or the Project should be in such a stage that it can be handed over. This handing over is where we will focus on, the next couple of weeks. We should it right, because we do want Lu’s “Masana Diabetes Care Support Centre” to be a real success.We thought we were getting close to get Lu up and running, but last week Shireen came with what she called “a big red herring”. Actually we had never heard of that expression, but we did not need much imagination to understand that this could mean a major issue. The problem seems to be that it is illegal to work with patients in South Africa when you are not registered as a nurse. Lu is not a registered nurse!  A lot of discussion and ideas are exchanged. How should this law be interpreted? Is it a law, or just a organisation that wants everyone in the business registered? Is there a solution, or should we play a ‘trick’, or can we afford to just ignore it? We trust that we will find a way around this, but it does create some extra stress, close for the finish...

Nicole Bosters and Gert van Westing