Stand van zaken in Gambia

na afstuderen - december 2007

Wat gebeurt er met de Real-Life Business Projects na afstuderen van de Executive MBA kandidaten? René van Huffelen en Lieuwe Hiemstra hebben in juni 2007 hun felbegeerde MBA-titel binnengehaald, onder andere met het opzetten van een tandartspraktijk in Jiboro / Gambia. Door hun inspanningen kan nu de tandartspraktijk door Stichting Care Foundation The Gambia worden verwezenlijkt.  

 De bouw van het tandartsproject heeft nu een aantal maanden stil gelegen. Door het regenseizoen was er nauwelijks transport mogelijk naar Jiboro. Begin november is weer begonnen met de bouw. Eerst moest er cement, zand en gravel worden gebracht, wat een hele toer was voor de stichting om iemand te vinden die over de ontzettend slechte weg naar Jiboro wilde rijden. Na ieder regenseizoen wordt de weg slechter, diepe gaten en het is zig zaggen over de weg om te proberen de gaten te vermijden. Maar alles is stukje bij beetje gebracht en zo kon dus weer begonnen worden met de bouw.

De muren zijn nu tot aan het dak en de bouwers zijn bezig met de pilaren voor de veranda, daarna gaan ze verder met het dak en kunnen de ijzeren spanten worden gemaakt. De tandartspraktijk is onderdeel van het Health Care Center dat wordt opgezet door Stichting Care Foundation The Gambia en nu bijna klaar voor gebruik is.

Short report of my trip to Gambia

On Friday April 20th, 2007 I took my flight to Banjul in Gambia to visit our Real Life business Project. The flight went very well and the weather in Gambia was perfect. Until Sunday I stayed in my hotel at the coast, which was definitely not a punishment.

 However, on Monday the real work started. Together with another eight people we moved into the inner country, to Jiboro, where “our” dental practice is going to arise. Whilst at the coast there is a relatively good infrastructure, in the inner country there is hardly anything. It took us more than an hour to bridging 35 kilometres. 

Until Thursday evening I have been working on the compound and that was really an experience. The impressions were overwhelming. You simply can not put that on paper and especially not in half an A4. I was there for only one week, but it seemed a month.

 And than the feeling: Walking there and working on “your” project. Where in The Netherlands you (together with others, of course) have put in so much effort. You see things growing, people being graceful that necessary help is being offered. That’s so great!

On April 27th, I flew back. It was an unforgettable trip. And it has given the Real Life business Project a dimension that I would certainly not have liked to miss! 

René van Huffelen

Sponsors of the Dental Health Care Centre Gambia

NCDO staat voor Nationale Commissie voor Internationale Samenwerking en Duurzame Ontwikkeling. NCDO betrekt mensen in Nederland bij internationale samenwerking en ondersteunt hen met informatie, subsidie en adviezen. NCDO steunt het project Dental Health Care Centre in Gambia door middel van subsidiering. -

Andere sponsoren van het project:  

Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs 

"Nothing escapes his eagle eye"

CRM voor de Bouw- en Installatiebranche -

Tannhäuser Project & Interim Managers -

CiCom Infra  BV -

Amstel Lease -

Stirling Cryogenics & Refrigeration BV -

Dental publicity

January 2007

Lieuwe Hiemstra (Alcoa Architectuursystemen) and René van Huffelen (Van de Haar Groep) have managed to get special publicity for their project in The Netherlands. 

''t Antwoord', a Magazine for Dentists in the Netherlands, published in January 2007 an article about their project 'Narang Dental Health Care Centre in Gambia'. Read the article (NL).

Start of the project

December 2006

On the cover of glossy magazines you can see bright smiling white-teethed young woman. Ever realized of how much influence a good dental health is on your entire health?

You probably do, given all the attention that is paid to dental health care in Western Europe. Most of the people in The Gambia (a small country in Western Africa) however probably have not. With their struggle for the day-to-day life, brushing teeth and visiting a dentist regularly is not what really concerns them. With all its consequences... 

In The Gambia only few people visit regularly a dentist. In The Gambia there is only one governmental Dental Health Centre, which is located at the coast and pretty unreachable because of the poor condition of the roads in the inner country. Whilst there are a few private clinics, these are too expensive for the major part of the Gambian population. In Jiboro, a small village in the inner country of The Gambia, there already is a Health Care Centre, built by Care Foundation The Gambia. To improve the Health Care in this area, a dentist practice is required.

In 2006 we have started an Executive MBA at Ambition Academy, in collaboration with Business School Lausanne. For the entire nine months of the programme, we will work on a real-life business case: to set up a real, internationally oriented business in a less economically developed country or in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility. We heard about the plans of Care Foundation The Gambia and contacted Ineke de Rijk, founder of this organisation. Soon it was clear we could mean something for each other and the project ‘Operational Dental Health Centre’ was born.

Goal of the project is to contribute to the health and living conditions of the Jiboro citizens by offering dental health care. The project will provide a building, inventory, a solar installation and dental equipment. We will concentrate on the building at first. Care Foundation The Gambia will then concentrate on the inventory, solar installation and equipment. Our deadline for the building is the end of our Executive MBA programme in June 2007.

You can also help the citizen of Gambia by donating a small ammount to the project for the Dental Health Care building, inventory and instruments. Bankaccount: t.n.v. Stichting Care Foundation The Gambia in Haarlem, o.v.v. ‘Tandartspraktijk Jiboro’. Thank you for your support! 

For more information about the project and the foundation, check: If you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information, please e-mail us: