Short report of my trip to Gambia

On Friday April 20th, 2007 I took my flight to Banjul in Gambia to visit our Real Life business Project. The flight went very well and the weather in Gambia was perfect. Until Sunday I stayed in my hotel at the coast, which was definitely not a punishment.

 However, on Monday the real work started. Together with another eight people we moved into the inner country, to Jiboro, where “our” dental practice is going to arise. Whilst at the coast there is a relatively good infrastructure, in the inner country there is hardly anything. It took us more than an hour to bridging 35 kilometres. 

Until Thursday evening I have been working on the compound and that was really an experience. The impressions were overwhelming. You simply can not put that on paper and especially not in half an A4. I was there for only one week, but it seemed a month.

 And than the feeling: Walking there and working on “your” project. Where in The Netherlands you (together with others, of course) have put in so much effort. You see things growing, people being graceful that necessary help is being offered. That’s so great!

On April 27th, I flew back. It was an unforgettable trip. And it has given the Real Life business Project a dimension that I would certainly not have liked to miss! 

René van Huffelen