Plans are nice, but let’s face reality.

Here an update on the project. From October 23 till October 3 Maurits Heijbroek, Ruud Huising and myself will visit Shariana. The goal is to conclude the current feasibility study. Up to now the plan is simple: Let the women of Shariana learn a profession, so they can earn a reasonable living with a normal effort.  In order to allow them to do so, let their children attend kindergarten and (that’s what we aim for) primary school. Learning a profession comes with practicing either product or services. That’s where funding starts. Is it feasible? Soon we will learn.

By the way, Claes Brandtjes and Jasper IJsenbrandt will stay behind in the Netherlands for further orientation on funding possibilities. Don't hesitate to contact them with ideas, actual support and suggestions. You can contact them