Development of the Shariani ZSHG

The development of the Shariani ZSHG – Kilifi, Kenya is almost unstoppable.

The urgency for the extension is confirmed by start of the third Kindergarten Group, the small Baby group and the increase  of tailoring students at the beginning of 2010. Those women and children in Shariani are going forward on the small blueprint we have given them during our visit in October 2009. Our plans are now finalized and we are anxious to find funders for the further development of the ZSHG. We have received some help for our communication plan from Consonant Advice Group, known from the commission Davids.  

And now we need your sponsorship in order to make it all happen.

We can use any thoughts of support, funding or other ideas so please contact us via Your donations are welcome on the bank account of the Wanawa Foundation with number St. Wanawa – Shariani community center.