Graduation is a fact, now funding is needed!

Update 12 April 2010

On the 24th of March the project group had its Executive MBA graduation. We held a presentation about our project in Kenya. As gratitude towards the Wanawa Foundation and our project in Shariani we have donated the funding for a plot adjacent to the current plot.

This plot will solve the issue of lack of space for the children to play during the breaks.

The project group feels committed to realize the funding that is needed for the project based upon the prepared documents. Now we only need your kindness and financial support to help us, help the women and children in Shariani, Kenya to realize the extension of the Community Centre. The extension is needed to support new business and professional education activities. We have already come so far, so be good and become a part of our project and the success of it. We appreciate your donations to Wanawa Foundation Rabobank account number

Thank you for your support!

Hans Bennis, Bram Bergkamp, Claes Brantjes, Maurits Heijbroek, Ruud Huising, Jasper IJsenbrandt.