​Shariani Kenya, Educational Center, Phase 2

February 2010, Bringing in the design skills

What became clear during the feasibility study is that we need a flexible building which can be easily adapted to all possible developments for the future. It should support activities like the present kindergarten, but also professional education (tailoring- computer) and business activities ( shop, business center)

Time to bring in some design skills. Together with Kiara Snijders and Floris Buné, who made the original design, different options for the layout of the building adding an extra floor were discussed. Extra space on the playground was created by developing a creative solution for the staircase to the second floor solving the problem of the new building next to the yard on the adjacent plot.

As a result three floor plans were drawn all with their different strong and weak points. Now let’s see how the local people look at these plans. Do they appreciate an entrance with a table at the soda machine or do they consider this as lost space….. With the right choices the building plans and the business case will be in a durable balance again.

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Our e-mail adres: mba.project.kenia@live.nl

Claes Brantjes, Bram Bergkamp, Maurits Heijbroek, Ruud Huising en Jasper IJsenbrandt

(Ambition Academy Executive MBA programma 2009/10)