The Good Shepherd Foundation (TGS)

The Good Shepherd Foundation (TGS), has identified a gap in available financing solutions, our project aims to close. In third world countries professional aid organisations offer large loans (Starting at $ 50.000 or sometimes even at $ 2 million) to well secured purposes. On the other side, micro financing aims at credit needs of up to $200. TGS experienced that a number of starting or existing small businesses need solutions for investments around $ 2000.

The purpose of the Real Life Business Project (RLBP) is two-folded: Both the project execution as well as the applied methods are meant to contribute to the participants learning and development. So far we made tremendous progress on both:

We learnt how to properly start a project. The method encouraged us to work on a Project Initiation Document that really confronted us with the necessity of accurately defining the project, its objectives and deliverables. Developing a Project Breakdown Structure really helped us to get a clear view of what the project is about and which activities we were about to perform. The initiation has now been approved by the Project Board (giving TGS the opportunity to make minor changes) and we moved into the next phase. Currently we are practising the project management roles, using the available Prince2 tools.

We have been building relevant relations and have started learning from them. Beside the essential input we are getting from TGS, we also managed to get participation from Icco and from F. Van Lanschot Bankiers. Icco is a large and well-known development aid organisation, which will be joining TGS in funding the loans we aim to issue. They give access to extensive relevant experience and knowledge. F. Van Lanschot Bankiers are in the process of developing and increasing their efforts and resources on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. They have now offered to make a resource available for approximately one month to work on this project on location in Uganda. This person can offer knowledge, training and support to local people and work on developing a fit-for-purpose solution.

In order to have the possibility to adapt the solutions this project aims to deliver to the local situation and culture, we have planned two site visits. The first two team members will visit Uganda from January 22nd to 27th. A second visit will be planned in April/May.  

Erik van Peursem (Berk accountants en belastingadviseurs), Hugo van Vliet (Vici consulting), Markus Mandemaker (Vlechter Beheer), Wenzel Bürger (WMB Management Solutions) on behalf of The Good Shepherd Foundation.