Introduction project Malawi

Our MBA programme includes a hands-on, real-life business project that will allow us to develop our professional skills in practice, rather than just in theory. We are working in close cooperation with the Oikonomos Foundation Malawi. The foundation selects and manages projects in developing countries, the central idea being the reliable and purposeful spending of financial resources.


Ultimate goal of Oikonomos Foundation Malawi is the incorporation of a Farm Enterprise Development Trust growing to approximately 3.000 members within a period of three years. A family consists of eight persons, meaning 24.000 people will be provided with food and a higher income.

We have selected a project within the economic area to enable the project team members to provide their best knowledge, skills and experience to the project. Purpose of the project is to fight against poverty in a durable way.

Geographically we concentrate on Malawi and to establish an organization for the collective selling of paprika’s. Focus will be put on increasing local employment, raising families income or strengthen the local economy growth.
Last four weeks have been spent on research articles on the internet and relevantliterature and documentation as well as interviews with specialists on development cooperation and agribusiness, particularly in Africa. We envisage to visit Malawi for meeting the people we currently work with and for local observations to get the right look and feel. The budgeted costs will be limited to travel, board and lodging and expected not to exceed 10.000 euro and are to be covered yet. Our contribution is to deliver following two products:

  1. An organisation that is most applicable to the type of business and meeting local requirements
  2. An attractive plan recruiting and keeping the local farmers as members to the organisation.

The project runs for nine months as of September 2007 and after that both products are either realized or to be handed over easily. Our long-term view is other farmers from the region will follow the first group of farmers and subsequently stimulate the agri business and initiate local entrepreneurship.

Gerard Adriaanse, Rob Jonkman, Henk Keizer, Gerard van Kilsdonk en Robert Mares.