Leading change into Malawian paprika farmers

During the last phone call from Gerard Adriaanse with Wim van den Bos (our local oikonomos consultant in Malawi) he complimented us on the received products. Especially the brainstorm based on the book “Leading change” of John P. Kotterabout the farmer groups was very inspiring and stimulating. He liked the structure and creativity. 
As Oikonomos does no micro credits they had an arrangement with MRFC , a local bank. It appeared that MRFC is not a reliable partner.
Besides the high interest rates (33% a year) they also have strong credit ratings regarding the micro credits. Furthermore MRFC had a “computer breakdown”. In some cases farmers did not get their loans, however they had paid their initial payment.
Wim's enthusiasm is shown by his idea to arrange a brainstorm in April with 10 different farmer groups about “the problem” and possible solutions. The 10 will represent 10 different cities in the Zomba district. The brainstorm is different from his current approach. Up to now he defined the problem and the solutions (the paprika project). This is a major change in the approach of farmers.
Gerard Adriaanse, Rob Jonkman, Henk Keizer, Gerard van Kilsdonk and Robert Mares.