Last eight weeks have been spent on research articles on the internet and interviews with relevant experts. The programme will combine the promotion of commercial oriented farming with enhancing farm (food) productivity.
At the same time the programme supports the poorest farmers to increase their production. In general, agriculture contributes significantly to poverty reduction. Agricultural growth, particularly increased production has been a feature of countries that have successfully reduced poverty.
Last week of November we finalized the appointments of our Project Board members: Wim van den Bos (Senior User,Oikonomos Malawi), Sander Donker (Senior Supplier, Cheetah Limited) and Roel Jongeneel (Oikonomos Netherlands).After this week we delivered final Product Initiation Document, Business Case and Business Plan, all approved by our Project Board. Approval by Richard Moret, PRINCE2 consultant is still pending.   

Malawi Working2gether.jpg

Second week of December our request for budget regarding our intended travel plan to Malawi is delivered to Oikonomos Malawi, pending approval from Oikonomos Netherlands. Costs involve travel, board and lodging estimated at € 5,000. Upon approval two members of our project group will visit Malawi in month of January 2008.  
Our first product will focus on organizing co-operation through an informal farmer group structure, ultimately leading to a legal co-operation within a 10 years timeframe. The second product is a Marketing plan distinguishing three different farmer groups.

Matching study objectives and project content will focus on:

  • Entrepreneurship, through marketing research in Malawi, resulting in a marketing plan to get and keep farmers ultimately aiming to establish a legal co-operation and stimulating entrepreneurship with local farmers.
  • Research & Methodology
  • Communication strategy
  • Creativity and Innovation, through developing the products: Organisation and Marketing plan Get, keep & grow the number of farmers.
  • Project Management, applying PRINCE2 methodology.

We work on this project until May 2008. Results achieved at that time will be handed over to Oikonomos Malawi for further implementation and communication to stimulate the agri business and to develop local entrepreneurship.

Gerard Adriaanse, Rob Jonkman, Henk Keizer, Gerard van Kilsdonk and Robert Mares.