Workshop creative thinking to boost our project in Malawi

The main goal of our real life project is establishing a farm enterprise development trust in Malawi helping paprika farmers to get organised so they will get a higher output and a better price for their paprika's. One other goal of our Real life business project is to improve our innovation. Robert Mares organised an evening workshop at the Creativity Company in Rotterdam for our project team and also the Moldova growth experience project team.


Guy Hafkamp introduced us into the world of creative thinking. That's where we experienced really to think out of the box.
One of the exercises was this list of numbers: 24,25,27,31,32,35,38,45,49,56.
The question is: which one does not fit in this row ?

If you think you know the right answer, please post your reaction and mention why you choose this number ( End of March we will publish the right answer.

However the workshop was too short we all learned a some basics about creative thinking and experienced our own different "boxes". Based on this workshop our team used several times creative thinking techniques to boost developping the products within the paprika project.
Gerard Adriaanse (Berk Accountants)
Rob Jonkman (Danielli-Corus)
Henk Keizer (Tijhuis-GGN)
Gerard van Kilsdonk (van Kilsdonk financial solutions)
Robert Mares (denQers project and interim management)