Entering Dutch market

Moldovan Wineproducers gearing up to enter Dutch market

30 January 2008
As you might know from our earlier publications the Moldovan Growth Experience (MGE) project is aiming to set up a Business Development Center in Chisinau, Moldova. In this phase we are also looking to achieve concrete results (in terms of export stimulation) within the Moldovan Wine sector. To ensure progress and make some agreements with the wine producers, two of our project members (Dirk and Martin) made a second visit to Chisinau.
Our local representative Valentina Mutylik has prepared our three-day visit in an excellent manner. Meetings were planned with four of the best wine companies within Moldova, the goal was to inform them on our project and to ensure their participation in the upcoming wine tasting event. This unique event will take place on April 2nd in The Hague. The enthusiastic and supportive reaction of all wine producers is really feeding our inspiration and determination. People are really looking to improve their situation and are eager to learn from both their own experiences as influences from outside. This, in our eyes, creates a solid foundation for sustainable development. For instance in the wine sector last year a Moldovan Wine Guild was founded, in which several wine companies are working together on important issues like publicity and marketing and sales development. Instead of looking just to their own company they are willing to develop the wine sector as a whole by a joint effort. In the long run all companies will profit from this professionalization.   
All in all our trip was very successful, all 4 wine companies were challenged to present themselves in the Netherlands and are now gearing up to capitalize on this unique opportunity. In the following weeks more details will have to be discussed but we are confident that 2nd of April everything will be “up and running”.  
On behalf of the people and business sector of Chisinau we would like to thank everyone who is, or will be, contributing to this promising project. If you would like to support the project financially your “social investment’ can be made on bank account of Stichting WORLD PARTNERS. Please add the text “IN-Gift project Moldavië BDU2723”.
Remarks / questions or reactions can be given on moldova@worldpartners.eu.
The MGE project team: Marc Canisius, Peter Gros, Dirk de Jager, Jan Luis, Martin SmitLocal Moldovan representative:Valentina Mutylik