Introduction to the Moldova Growth Experience!

One of the tasks in the MBA program of Ambition Academy is the execution of a real life business project.  After several discussions within the project group and advice / suggestions from World Partners, our projectteam decided to realize the idea of starting up a Business Development Center (BDC) in Moldova.

The BDC has to operate as a business incubator, stimulating international sales / export to the European Community.Moldova has several promising small businesses (SMB’s), with an emphasis on craftsmanship. The lack of basic business knowledge in the main functional areas is obstructing strong development and further economic growth. Objective is to establish a fundament for SMB’s to improve economic growth. Ultimately this has to lead to a growth in employability in the region.

The main goals for this project are:

  • To establish a BDC in Chisinau before April 1st 2008 which provides support to local SMB’s in the realisation of business opportunities
  • Sales growth of 3 pilot companies (to be selected) of at least € 30.000,= by the end of April 2008
  • To establish a network of professionals who support the BDC
  • To create a detailed business concept for the BDC before April 1st 2008, based upon pilot companies experiences and local research / feedback.

Up to now our effords where focussed on gathering common information, deciding for one of the two possible projects, drawing up a project brief, project identification document and a business case. At this moment the project group is gathering more detailed information to support the next stage of the project. Also we are preparing a business visit to the region. Most challenging will be the finding of enough funding as well as to find suitable pilot firms to initiate economic growth. The team is fully aware of these items and is putting his full effort in realizing the the next steps to be taken.

By Dirk de Jager, Martin Smit, Jan Luis, Marc Canisius and Peter Gros