Phase 2 is beginning

Phase two is beginning for the Moldova Growth Experience.

23 November 2007
Recently we finished phase 1 of our project. The Project Initiation Document is finished and has been presented to our Project Board. Allthough we have discussed a lot at phase 1, it is clear to us that we have to focus at the wine industrie at Moldova. The wine industrie at Moldova is very fragmented, but there are a lot of opportunities. As a Projectteam,we have already tasted some nice wines from Moldova and the spirit is getting better and better.
In phase two, we will work out our four project products.
The most important topics at this moments are to make a draft of the funding plan and to contact a lot of potential resellers for the Moldava wine. We have established a good relationship with MIEPO (Moldovan Investement and Export Promotion Organisation), who are supporting our project to export wine from Moldavo to Holland. The Moldovan wine is of a good taste and a good price, but up untill a few years ago they exported almost all their products to Russia. At this moment there is less export to Russia and the wine companies have to explore new markets. Some of the big wine houses export to other EU-countries. The export of wine to Holland is nearly zero. Our goal is to bring the Moldavan wine houses in contact with the Dutch resellers. At this moment we make also an inventory of the wishes of the Dutch resellers, this is important to succeed in the wine export. 
If want to join us as a reseller contact us at our emailaddress:

By Dirk de Jager, Martin Smit, Marc Canisius, Peter Gros and Jan Luis