Successfull visito Moldova

Finally the day was there. The first visit of the Ambition Academy Project Team to Moldova.

Main goal of the visit was fact finding. We have spent 3 days in Chisinau. Specifically when you have to start from cratch, without knowledge of the country, its inhabitants and culture, 3 days is not to long and requires hard work.
Like many. One has no clue of where to go to succeed in your mission.
The inhabitants of Moldova are friendly and sympathetic. Pre-judgment, we usually hear, can be put aside.
The majority of the people live in poverty. In spite of that there is a small group who live in wealth. There is no real middle class. This also counts for the management structure in many firms.
 We have visited a few firms in various sectors. By means of interviews we have tried to establish a good view of the management needs. In the past they were used to look to the inside (manufacturing) in stead of outside (marketing & sales). Within our project we will give importance to find the right expertise to assist them in the turnaround.
Moldova has a trade deficit. Import is twice export. This is one of the reasons why the economy is vulnerable. Export has a high priority. We have met with MIEPO. A governmental organization focused on establishing international relations and export. Partnering with them is one of the tasks in our project.
 Moldova receives much financial support from the EU and US. There are working many organizations in this area. We learned that they work in “silo’s” and do not share and network with each other. Within our project we will give quite a bit of attention to knowledge sharing and networking.
Overall we had a very successful trip and think we achieved the main goals of it. The people of Moldova can “break your hart”. They have especially done with the participants of the visitors.