Timber factory Indonesia

April 2007 

The students of the project 'Timber Processing Factory' in Kalimantan, Indonesia have managed to get special publicity for their project and Benefit Night. 

Share People (Dutch organisation which works on poverty reduction in developing countries) and 'De Houtkrant' (Dutch online wood industry magazine) published the announcement for the Benefit Night on 8 June 2007.

Click on the following links to see the announcements:

Share People

De Houtkrant

Under construction

Update 22 March 2007 

Last week the preparation of the floor in the factory has started. The concrete floor is ready but needs to dry before the machines can be installed.

 The machines are bought and waiting to be shipped to Tering (Indonesia). Our expectation is that the factory will be up and running mid April.


The 8th of June we will be organizing an event for the Timber Processing Factory. It will be a cultural event with an Indonesian diner, dance performances, presentation of our project and Indonesian band. For this event we have already arranged funding from two sponsors and several prices for our lottery are donated.

Information on how to apply for this event and additional information, click here.

More information on this project can be found: http://www.worldpartners.org/content/view/78/107/lang,nl/.

Donations can be transferred to gironummer 2393646 t.n.v. Stichting World Partners in Bennekom. For additional information please contact us: tpf@worldpartners.org

Strong results

Update 9 March 2007 

What is accomplished so far in our real life project? Several stages of the project are already completed.

The original investment is reduced from € 80.000 to € 32.000 in December. A contract was signed with a local partner for the usage of the workplace nearby the Timber Processing Factory, which included the usage of the equipment from this partner. We have arranged the € 32.000 pre-financing for the machines and materials remaining. This equipment is delivered to our partner in Surabaya and will be shipped in March for installation to Tering.

In summary, strong results!

In order to be able to pay back the pre financing an event will be organized on the 8th of June in the Indonesian Centre of Culture in Zoetermeer.

Information to subscribe to this event can be found in the enclosed invitation.

More information of our project can be found on: http://www.worldpartners.org/content/view/78/107/lang,nl/.

Possible donations can be transferred to gironummer 2393646 t.n.v. Stichting World Partners in Bennekom.

Our project

Timber Processing Factory Indonesia

One of the main topics of our EMBA is our real-life project. What does it mean and what is the impact of this in our own development?

For us it is a journey in which we will encounter our challenges and obstacles. The first phase was the selection of our project. A lot of ideas were brought on the table and our preferred project was the Timber Processing Factory. But why?   

The Timber Processing Factory is just the starting point of the development of the Tering in East Kalimantan. Based on the outcome of this project other initiatives will start as well, e.g. Fish Ponds. With this program a contribution will be made in developing the economy in Tering, East Kalimantan and the development of the local schooling. The total programme is adopted by World Partner, which is founded by Hans Harmoen. Other Partners in this programme are Reef, a wholesaler in wooden products and the Training Centre Sancta Yosep, a Roman-Catholic School.  

 The objective is that we will make it possible that the employees of the Timber Processing Factory will have the appropriate production facilities in order to be able to produce at least 1.5 containers of garden tiles per month. With the outcome of the sales the Timber Processing Factory will be able the pay a salary towards the local employees. And this will be the starting-point of developing the economy of Tering. The main challenge is that we will have to found EUR 80.000. For more information and a potential donation please check the website of World Partners.

Kind regards,

Eric Schouten (KONE)

Leo den Boer (Berk, Accountants en Belasting-adviseurs) 

Remko Vochteloo (Deloitte)