Our project

Timber Processing Factory Indonesia

One of the main topics of our EMBA is our real-life project. What does it mean and what is the impact of this in our own development?

For us it is a journey in which we will encounter our challenges and obstacles. The first phase was the selection of our project. A lot of ideas were brought on the table and our preferred project was the Timber Processing Factory. But why?   

The Timber Processing Factory is just the starting point of the development of the Tering in East Kalimantan. Based on the outcome of this project other initiatives will start as well, e.g. Fish Ponds. With this program a contribution will be made in developing the economy in Tering, East Kalimantan and the development of the local schooling. The total programme is adopted by World Partner, which is founded by Hans Harmoen. Other Partners in this programme are Reef, a wholesaler in wooden products and the Training Centre Sancta Yosep, a Roman-Catholic School.  

 The objective is that we will make it possible that the employees of the Timber Processing Factory will have the appropriate production facilities in order to be able to produce at least 1.5 containers of garden tiles per month. With the outcome of the sales the Timber Processing Factory will be able the pay a salary towards the local employees. And this will be the starting-point of developing the economy of Tering. The main challenge is that we will have to found EUR 80.000. For more information and a potential donation please check the website of World Partners.

Kind regards,

Eric Schouten (KONE)

Leo den Boer (Berk, Accountants en Belasting-adviseurs) 

Remko Vochteloo (Deloitte)