March 2009

Recently we established a funding foundation, called “Foundation for Physically Disabled of Africa” (FPDA), in order to obtain funds for our project to finance a powder coating machine for the wheelchair workshop in Mombasa, Kenya. When using a powder coating machine within the production process, the finish of the wheelchairs can be improved considerably. As a result the life cycle is being prolonged and the use by the disabled is extended enormously.  Besides, owing to the sound quality improvement, the wheelchair product line becomes an interesting export product for neighbouring African countries. The competitive price, the robust design and the low transportation costs, enable African Governments and Help Aid Organizations to provide adequate means of transport for their disabled inhabitants. Thus more and more disabled become independent and can participate socially.For the main funding we contacted a leading Dutch Help Aid Organization, which is seriously interested in partnership and funding our project. At the end of March 2009 we will be informed about their final decision on funding. W’ll keep you informed!