Start- October 2008

Our MBA programme includes a hands-on, real-life business project that will allow us to develop our professional skills in practice, rather than just in theory.  Our project has been started on August 12th. 

In Kenya there are about 132.000 disabled persons (,4% of the total Kenyan population). Having the right wheelchair can literally change the life of a person with a disability by giving them greater independence, confidence and dignity. A wheelchair is a basic human right and a catalyst for wheelchair users to access their other rights, such as the ability to earn their living or be educated. Below 1% of the need for wheelchairs is being met through local production. Historically, most wheelchair provision has only been focused on the product in isolation to the individual who needs it. Their disability, size, lifestyle and environment are rarely considered. Most of these wheelchairs don’t meet the users need or provide them with the maximum independence and mobility, and the majority quickly break down in the harsh unpaved environments in which they are used. 

Our project will be focused on the Special Seating service department of the existing Mobility Aid Workshop in Mombasa. Our project goal will be building production capacity to meet the needs for appropriate wheelchair service.  

Pieter Bas Opheij, Hennie van Gilst, Hans Bennis