April 2009

In March we reported that we, as a result of our visit to the wheelchair workshop in Mombasa in December 2008, would dedicate ourselves to obtain funds in order to enable APDK to purchase a powder coating machine. The life cycle of the wheelchairs can be extended considerably when using such a machine to obtain a better finish.  It is very important that the life cycle of a wheelchair is prolonged as long as possible, since physically disabled are often only able to acquire a wheelchair once.  The past month we have been discussing with the Dutch Help Aid Organization CORDAID,  who became interested in our wheelchair project. We convinced them of the necessity of purchasing a power coating machine for APDK in Mombasa. A detailed investment plan on the purchase and the use of the powder coating machine has been set up by us. Based on this plan CORDAID agreed to fund our project, so this means the machine can be bought! 

At the moment we are preparing all necessary documents related to the investment. The paperwork will be done via our recently established funding foundation “Foundation for Physically Disabled of Africa”.

We contacted the management of the wheelchair workshop in Mombasa last week. They informed us that they will start preparations for a built-on of the present workshop, where the powder coating machine will be placed. Now this is still an undeveloped piece of land right behind the workshop.  We got the project “rolling” and are excited about this result!!! We will keep you posted on the progress. 

Hennie van Gilst en Pieter Bas Opheij