Bernadette Chopra and David Tews(from YA- USA) in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Dorien Beurskens(l) en Bernadette Chopra en David Tews (at the right) Bernadette en David, both from YA USA , went to Mozambique and Zimbabwe to get a good view about the materials needed over there. YA USA is raising funds for the projects of YA in Africa. Also they will make people in the USA aware of the globalisation of the world and the responsibility of everyone when being abroad. Especially for Africa, where a better future can be created for the youth of Young Africa. This mission needs support from the USA. We hope that with the enthusiasm of the USA with the elected president Obama, YA USA can lead to “yes we can contribute to the mission” to other Young Africa members! For further information

Navin Bikha, Hans Groot

Young Africa on the television and supportive in the USA

We hope you enjoyed the TV-program “The Flight of the Wilde Gees” on 21 or 22 March. In our opinion it gives a good view of the development programs of Young Africa. We hope the program will be supportive to realize further growth.
This week Dorien Beurskens, the founder of YA, flyed to the USA for a meeting to work out Young Africa USA.  Although there is a heavy financial crisis in the USA some people there are that much involved and are willing to support Young Africa projects. We are anxious about the meeting and opportunities.
In April Dorien will be in Holland, Navin and I will talk over the scenario’s in which Young Africa are willing to grow further.We will inform you as soon as possible. Are you willing to support or contribute Young Africa or want to discuss about new ways of fundraising, contact us by

Hans Groot, Navin Bikha

Developments Young Africa

There is progress within the new organization structure of YA.  By making volunteers dedicated responsible for activities, we can see progress in professionalism in working and thinking among the members of  YA. 
Progress has been made in the development of the new website of YA. With the support of a communication firm, there are new thoughts of communication strategy. The new website will contribute in the communication of the existence of YA and the benefits of the franchise concept. 
Because of the opportunities to expand quicker as a result of the meeting with Cordaid and the ministry, support by volunteers is perhaps not sufficient enough. So the board members of YA are now thinking about a business model of YA and how the parent organization in The Netherlands can be sustainable. Main issue is to structure and organize a structural income to create possibilities for effective organizational support. 
We will support the board by working out different business models for them and this will be presented on the 8th of April. Also the project coordinators and founders of Young Africa, Dorien Beurskens and Raj Joseph, will attend this meeting.
From public relation perspective there is lot of attention among YA. So there will be a short documentary of the centre in Beira (Mozambique) in the TV-program “the flight of the Wild Geese” on the 22nd of March 2009. Further details will be published later.
If you’re interested in the developments of YA or its franchise concept, please let us know. Otherwise stay tuned for the TV program on the 22nd of March or look at the website ( 

Hans Groot, Navin Bikha

Continuity of Young Africa


Decision making about the job-descriptions and recruiting was delayed. The board had to make a decision about our proposed structured (see highlight report 9 December 2008). The board agreed with our proposal. We mentioned the issue of the delay to the board and now we finished the job discriptions and the recruitment is started.A Meeting with a candidate for the coordination logistics is planned, according to a profile and competences to support the recruitment.YA got an invitation from Minestry of Development Cooperation, with mister Koenders to talk about the succesfull franchise-concept. The purpose is to look how succesfull this concept can be for development countries. YA took initiative to start cooperation between the little NGO in Holland.  Meetings are planned for projectfunding (Cordaid & Gonneke (member of the board of YA)). Other research for structural funding is started. With the recruit of a fundraiser a structural plan can be made for structural income.There is also a meeting planned to realize the renewing of the website.The political and human situation in Zimbabwe is troubled more and more. There are less students as before, because of the problems of humanity (for common living) that makes the attention for education smaller. Also to participate cost a little money in the franchise concept.With the acceptance of our proposal we can go further on with the project, taken into consideration the situation in Mozambique and Zimbabwe and the economic recession in the Netherlands for the fundraising.

Hans Groot, Navin Bikha.

A sufficient support for the roll out of Young Africa

In the first meeting with the board and founders we talked about the growth ambitions and the needed structure to support the YA projects. Last week we had a meeting with the board members. In this meeting we worked out the thoughts and ideas how to support the YA-projects in a better and continuous way. The activities within the board will be reorganized so that every member will be dedicated responsible for an activity. This means the board has more time to spend to the strategy. Beneath the board there will be specialties that will be dedicated responsible for the operations. The specialties that are needed are:

  • A volunteer coordinator, responsible for the volunteer policy in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • A fundraiser, responsible for a structural fundraising;
  • A PR/Communication coordinator, responsible for the communications, events and website;
  • A logistics coordinator, responsible for the shipping of goods to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

With these specialties the competences can be defined and we can start searching for the specialties. Except the recruitment of the specialties we are on track with our timetable of this project. The board expresses their satisfaction and asks us to focus rather more on the quality than the time.  

Hans Groot and Navin Bikha

10 years of celebration Young Africa


On the 18th of October, Young Africa Netherlands celebrated its 10 years existence. At the ROC Aventus in Apeldoorn about 100 persons of approximately 4o organizations attended the seminar “From Dream to Action” that was organized by Young Africa. The project coordinators and founders of Young Africa, Dorien Beurskens and Raj Joseph, conducted workshops about the vision of Young Africa: a holistically approach of development and the franchise concept in practice.  Young Africa intends to rollout its franchise concept to other countries besides Zimbabwe and Mozambique where they succeeded in projects.  The vision of Young Africa will be now to go for an international oriented organization in which some challenges are set:
§  Making a ‘circle’ of YA projects in Southern , with Zimbabwe as the hub f.i. Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Namibia, Botswana
§  Franchising the set-up of some projects to carefully selected couples/NGO’s – with YA’s ideology but with their own fundraisingAlso on the celebration day Young Africa was honoured for its projects by Wilde Ganzen.

Hans Groot and Navin Bikha