10 years of celebration Young Africa


On the 18th of October, Young Africa Netherlands celebrated its 10 years existence. At the ROC Aventus in Apeldoorn about 100 persons of approximately 4o organizations attended the seminar “From Dream to Action” that was organized by Young Africa. The project coordinators and founders of Young Africa, Dorien Beurskens and Raj Joseph, conducted workshops about the vision of Young Africa: a holistically approach of development and the franchise concept in practice.  Young Africa intends to rollout its franchise concept to other countries besides Zimbabwe and Mozambique where they succeeded in projects.  The vision of Young Africa will be now to go for an international oriented organization in which some challenges are set:
§  Making a ‘circle’ of YA projects in Southern , with Zimbabwe as the hub f.i. Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Namibia, Botswana
§  Franchising the set-up of some projects to carefully selected couples/NGO’s – with YA’s ideology but with their own fundraisingAlso on the celebration day Young Africa was honoured for its projects by Wilde Ganzen.

Hans Groot and Navin Bikha