A sufficient support for the roll out of Young Africa

In the first meeting with the board and founders we talked about the growth ambitions and the needed structure to support the YA projects. Last week we had a meeting with the board members. In this meeting we worked out the thoughts and ideas how to support the YA-projects in a better and continuous way. The activities within the board will be reorganized so that every member will be dedicated responsible for an activity. This means the board has more time to spend to the strategy. Beneath the board there will be specialties that will be dedicated responsible for the operations. The specialties that are needed are:

  • A volunteer coordinator, responsible for the volunteer policy in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • A fundraiser, responsible for a structural fundraising;
  • A PR/Communication coordinator, responsible for the communications, events and website;
  • A logistics coordinator, responsible for the shipping of goods to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

With these specialties the competences can be defined and we can start searching for the specialties. Except the recruitment of the specialties we are on track with our timetable of this project. The board expresses their satisfaction and asks us to focus rather more on the quality than the time.  

Hans Groot and Navin Bikha