Bernadette Chopra and David Tews(from YA- USA) in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Dorien Beurskens(l) en Bernadette Chopra en David Tews (at the right) Bernadette en David, both from YA USA , went to Mozambique and Zimbabwe to get a good view about the materials needed over there. YA USA is raising funds for the projects of YA in Africa. Also they will make people in the USA aware of the globalisation of the world and the responsibility of everyone when being abroad. Especially for Africa, where a better future can be created for the youth of Young Africa. This mission needs support from the USA. We hope that with the enthusiasm of the USA with the elected president Obama, YA USA can lead to “yes we can contribute to the mission” to other Young Africa members! For further information

Navin Bikha, Hans Groot