Continuity of Young Africa


Decision making about the job-descriptions and recruiting was delayed. The board had to make a decision about our proposed structured (see highlight report 9 December 2008). The board agreed with our proposal. We mentioned the issue of the delay to the board and now we finished the job discriptions and the recruitment is started.A Meeting with a candidate for the coordination logistics is planned, according to a profile and competences to support the recruitment.YA got an invitation from Minestry of Development Cooperation, with mister Koenders to talk about the succesfull franchise-concept. The purpose is to look how succesfull this concept can be for development countries. YA took initiative to start cooperation between the little NGO in Holland.  Meetings are planned for projectfunding (Cordaid & Gonneke (member of the board of YA)). Other research for structural funding is started. With the recruit of a fundraiser a structural plan can be made for structural income.There is also a meeting planned to realize the renewing of the website.The political and human situation in Zimbabwe is troubled more and more. There are less students as before, because of the problems of humanity (for common living) that makes the attention for education smaller. Also to participate cost a little money in the franchise concept.With the acceptance of our proposal we can go further on with the project, taken into consideration the situation in Mozambique and Zimbabwe and the economic recession in the Netherlands for the fundraising.

Hans Groot, Navin Bikha.