Developments Young Africa

There is progress within the new organization structure of YA.  By making volunteers dedicated responsible for activities, we can see progress in professionalism in working and thinking among the members of  YA. 
Progress has been made in the development of the new website of YA. With the support of a communication firm, there are new thoughts of communication strategy. The new website will contribute in the communication of the existence of YA and the benefits of the franchise concept. 
Because of the opportunities to expand quicker as a result of the meeting with Cordaid and the ministry, support by volunteers is perhaps not sufficient enough. So the board members of YA are now thinking about a business model of YA and how the parent organization in The Netherlands can be sustainable. Main issue is to structure and organize a structural income to create possibilities for effective organizational support. 
We will support the board by working out different business models for them and this will be presented on the 8th of April. Also the project coordinators and founders of Young Africa, Dorien Beurskens and Raj Joseph, will attend this meeting.
From public relation perspective there is lot of attention among YA. So there will be a short documentary of the centre in Beira (Mozambique) in the TV-program “the flight of the Wild Geese” on the 22nd of March 2009. Further details will be published later.
If you’re interested in the developments of YA or its franchise concept, please let us know. Otherwise stay tuned for the TV program on the 22nd of March or look at the website ( 

Hans Groot, Navin Bikha