Young Africa on the television and supportive in the USA

We hope you enjoyed the TV-program “The Flight of the Wilde Gees” on 21 or 22 March. In our opinion it gives a good view of the development programs of Young Africa. We hope the program will be supportive to realize further growth.
This week Dorien Beurskens, the founder of YA, flyed to the USA for a meeting to work out Young Africa USA.  Although there is a heavy financial crisis in the USA some people there are that much involved and are willing to support Young Africa projects. We are anxious about the meeting and opportunities.
In April Dorien will be in Holland, Navin and I will talk over the scenario’s in which Young Africa are willing to grow further.We will inform you as soon as possible. Are you willing to support or contribute Young Africa or want to discuss about new ways of fundraising, contact us by

Hans Groot, Navin Bikha